Our Team of Coaches

The International Fencing Camp team is proud to have on-board some of the world’s top epee fencers, who will share their passion and expertise with the young athletes.

Further guidance in mastering the epee will be provided by master fencing coaches with broad international and youth training professional background and experienced strength and conditioning coach plus yoga and mindfulness instructor:

Ana Maria Popescu – Olympic and World Silver Medalist, European Champion and IFC Leading Coach

Ruben Limardo Gascon  – Olympic Champion, World Silver Medalist and IFC Leading Coach

Nikolai Novosjolov – Two-times World Champion and IFC Leading Coach

Mihail Kouzev – Maître D’armes MK Fencing Academy and IFC Master Coach

With 20 years of international experience and expertise from learning to fence to fencing for high performance Fencing is my true passion, and I believe Education and coaching is the most empowering way to pass it forward to the youth. I take great pride in my profession as I love what I do.

I have dedicated over 20 years to live and promote the benefits and the values of Sport of Fencing and to support both young and adult learners in reaching their full potential in fencing.

My students and colleagues know me as a positive and energetic person with strong work ethics, clear vision and genuine care for the well-being of each member of the academy’s community.

My achievements as a coach can be viewed here: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/mk-fencing-academy/achievements/


  • Master’s Degree in Fencing ( PhD in progress);
  • Master’s Degree Teacher of Physical Education / main subjects: Anatomy, Psychology, Pedagogy,  Biomechanics, Physiology and Biochemistry /


  •  Founder and President of the MK Fencing Academy ( MKFA)
  •  Consulting the development of the Fencing Sport in the UAE since 2001
  •  Bulgarian National Fencing Champion Epee Cadets 1996
  •  Master of the Sports Modern Pentathlon (fencing, swimming, show jumping, running and shooting)
  •  Former member of the Bulgarian National Modern Pentathlon Team 1993-1999
  •  Modern Pentathlon National Champion 1996-1999
  •  UIPM Coordinator in Middle East region www.pentathlon.org
  •  Participant in three Modern Pentathlon World Championships and two European Modern Pentathlon World Championship

Daniel Boyadzhiev – Maître D’armes Fencing Club Sofia and IFC Master Coach

Head coach of the fencing club “Sofia” He is chosen for the best coach of Bulgaria for 2007,2008,2009 and 2014 in Bulgaria.

Secondary school:
(1982-1985) Secondary sport school “Georgi Benkovski” – Pleven
Profile: Fencing
(1987-1992) National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski” – Sofia
Profile: Fencing master and teacher on physical education
Science degree: Master
2008 (may) Coaches seminar-Tauberbishofsheim-Germany
Diploma from the European Fencing Confederation

Work experience
1994(September)- 2005(June), National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski” – Sofia
Honored lecturer on fencing
2000(September)- 2002(June), Technical University – Sofia
Honored lecturer on fencing
2002(January)- 2005(August), Fencing club “NSA”( National Sport Academy)
Member of the board of managers
1994(September)- 2005(August), Fencing club “NSA” (National Sport Academy)
Fencing master – epee
2000 (September)- 2005(August), Fencing club “Fleshe-M”
Individual classes and consultations (foil and epee)
2011 (mart) – 2014 (August), Individual lessons and consultations of modern pentathlon national competitors (epee)
2003 (may) – 2013 (August), Chairman of Coaches Board of Bulgarian Fencing Federation
2005 (October) – present, Fencing club “Sofia”
2005 (October) – present, Fencing club “Sofia”
Head Coach

I. Personal achievements as a fencing competitor (epee)
Many times champion and vice-champion of Bulgaria

II. Classifications of my competitors – individual and team – epee
Many times champions and vice-champions in individual and team competitions in Bulgaria (epee)
International Competition achievements
Vice-champion on The Balkan Championship-individual, cadets 2004 (Turkey)
3-th place on the European Fencing Championship-individual, cadets 2007 (Serbia)
Champion on the Balkan Championship-individual, cadets 2008 (Serbia)
3-th place on the Balkan Championship-individual, cadets 2008 (Serbia)
3-th place on the Balkan Championship-individual, juniors 2008 (Serbia)
Champion on the Balkan Championship-team, juniors 2008 (Serbia)
3-th place on the World Cup-juniors 2008 (Finland)
3-th place on the World Cup-juniors 2009 (Israel)
6-th place on the World Fencing Championship-individual, juniors 2009 (Ireland)
16-th place on the European Fencing Championship under 23-individual, 2010 (Poland)
3-th place on the Open Championship USA (NAC)-seniors 2011 (USA)
Participation in the European Fencing Championships, World Fencing Championships – all ages 2004-present (epee)
Participation in 1st European games in Baku 2015

III.Chosen by Bulgarian Fencing Federation as best coach of 2007,2008, 2009,2014
IV. Author of a book about fencing “Fencing – education and training”
V. Participant in science conferences, author of publications in the specialized magazine “Science and Sport”

Denitsa Radeva – Fencing Coach Odesos 2008 Varna and IFC Coach

Denitsa Radeva is part of the coaching team in the best fencing club in Varna – Odessos . She also has a large experience in fencing camps. Although she graduated from Marketing and Advertising Management, she finished her career as a coach, and in 2017, graduated post-graduate qualification – Fencing Coach in NSA. She is specialised in beginner fencing and she dedicates her time to the students and their learning.

Ivan Todorov – Fencing Coach MK Fencing Academy and IFC Coach


  • Fencing Coach National Sports Acadmey
  • University of National and World Economy


  • Former member of the Bulgarian National Fencing Team
  • Fencing National Champion

My achievements as a coach can be viewed here: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/mk-fencing-academy/achievements/

Martin Stoev – Fencing Coach MK Fencing Academy and IFC Coach


  • Certified fencing coach from “National Sports Academy” – Bulgaria
  • Bachelors degree in Marketing


  • Coached at Fencing club “Sofia” from 2010 to 2015.
  • Coached at “Dream Fencing Club” – London, autumn of 2014


  • Bulgarian National Epee Champion in 2002,2003,2004 and 2005.
  • Three times champion of the Epee Cup of Bulgaria for 2002, 2003, 2004, and vice-champion in 2005.
  • Balkan Vice champion for 2004. Holding the Balkan team trophy for 2007 and individual bronze medalist.
  • Awarded as one of the ten best fencers of Bulgaria for 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  • Former core member of the Bulgarian National team participated in a numerous “A” category tournaments across all Europe

My achievements as a coach can be viewed here: http://www.mkfencingacademy.com/mk-fencing-academy/achievements/

Teodor Dundakov – IFC Fencing Coach

Teodor Dundakov born 1974 in Sofia,Bulgaria.He has 15 years as a competitive fencer since 1986 until 2001.
Several time medalist from National Championships in cadets ,juniors and men’s epee.
As a part of National Team he represented successfully Bulgaria in International Events such World and European Championships ,Satellite Tournaments.
Finished his Bachelor degree in fencing at National Sport Academy Sofia in 2001 .
Start his career as coach 2002 .
In 2013 in Budapest he finished FIE fencing specialization in epee high level.
Until now he has worked as coach in Bulgaria in Slavia ,Academic ,Fencing Academy Etropolski and Sofia Fencing Club .
He has worked as a coach also abroad ;
2011- 2013 -Heraklion Fencing Club -Greece
2015- 2017- Windy City Fencing-USA
As a coach he developed many successful fencers from youth to seniors level.
His students such as Tatyana Dimitrova ,Nika Topaz, Paul Vag Urminski are medalist form National Championships and International Fencing Events.
He represented Bulgaria as a National coach in European and World Championships
He took part in many International Fencing Camps cooperating with successful coaches such as Sasha Glazunov/RUS/ ,Manfred Kasper/ GER/,Haris Tsolakis GRE

Mariana Milusheva – IFC Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor