Schedule & Programme

The IFC is dedicated solely to young athletes from 8 to 18 years old. The idea of the camp is to give opportunity to both new and more skilled fencers for focused; intense training and experiences, while impacting and boosting strongly their comprehension of the sport; their skills and physical agility as well active/healthy routines and habits and personal motivation.

During the 6 action-packed days of the camp, the participants will be able to fence, train and learn in a safe and happy environment while progressing towards their individual aims and aspirations in fencing.

For the comfort of the fencers and coaches, we will be using dedicated fencing hall equipped with twelve (12) fencing pistes and complete scoring equipment.

We believe that real learning happens when body, mind and heart are all engaged in the process and therefore we have carefully crafted a unique experience, blending sport, culture, education and nature and thus giving the participants the opportunity to live fully the Olympic values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

Please follow the link below to see the provisional schedule of the International Fencing Camp.

Please note this is a general schedule prepared to orient you with the overall timings and structure of the camp. Further details and activities differentiated programme as per age groups and specific skills/tasks will be part of the final programme*.

To download the schedule please press here: Provisional Schedule *

*The organisers keep the right to introduce any changes to the schedule and the programme of IFC at a later stage if needed. Please visit our website frequently to be up to date.