The IFC Epee Cup

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The IFC Cup Tournament is a special half day event taking place during the last day of the International Fencing Camp.

It is dedicated solely to the camp’s participants age categories U12 (until 31 December 2008), U15 (1 January 2007 to 31 December 2005 ), U18 (1 January 2004 until 31 December 2002) boys and girls.

The Cup is designed to provide the young athletes with the opportunity to step for a moment in the shoes of the Olympians, experiencing an atmosphere of competitive spirit, the excitement and fulfilment derived from a real-life race, gaining valuable lessons from both victories and losses.

All competitors’ efforts will be recognised with dedicated certificates and authentic medals and cups will await the winners at the end of the challenge.

The IFC Cup Tournament is essential for the active engagement, nourishment of the motivation and stimulating the learning process of the camp participants and is the Grand Finale of an intense week of hard work and fun for the young athletes.