To register  please click on ” LEARN FENCING FROM THE BEST” on the below image.

Registration closes on 12th July 2020 at 12:00am Bulgarian time!


If you want to request a private lesson with an IFC coach, you can do so from (Dates TBC) onward by completing a booking request.

Please NOTE: The booking request form will be activated on (Date – TBC) ( 7:00 pm) Bulgarian time. Booking requests are distributed on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS! The form will be closed on (Date – TBC) Bulgarian time.

Submitting a request for a private lesson does not guarantee and does not confirm your private lesson/s with an IFC coach.

The organising team will get back to you with final IFC private lessons allocation schedule.

Each fencer has the right to request only one (1) private lesson per day during the first round of bookings starting on (Date – TBC) . If slots are still available the request form will re-open on (Date – TBC) for a second round of requests as per the availability.

The time slots dedicated for private lessons can be reviewed in the IFC schedule on our webpage .

Please NOTE:


-20 EUR /30 min – with the IFC masters and fencing coaches

-40 EUR /30 min – with the IFC Olympians

(fees should be paid in cash only directly to the coach after the lesson)